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Artist Inspiration: Dana Tanamachi

Chalkboard art is a major trend in home décor, products and wall treatments.

Artist Dana Tanamachi creates chalkboard installations in restaurants and hotels and chalk-inspired art and products for companies like Burton, Nagging Doubt wines and others.

Chalk art in your home can be as simple as purchasing a chalk-inspired product or piece or artwork … or you can be a bit more adventurous with a chalkboard wall in your house. Chalkboard walls are common in kitchens and offices – where to-do lists and grocery lists can be written directly on the wall – and in children’s rooms or play areas, where aspiring artists can unleash their creativity.

Many paint companies sell chalkboard paint in a variety of colors, so your décor isn’t limited to black chalkboard paint.

Chalk art can be fun to experiment with. After all: if you don’t like what you come up with, you can always erase and start again!

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