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Pick the right paint finish

Knoxville Interior PainterFinding the right paint finish comes down partly to personal preference and partly to the use and wearability of your project. Flat paints are most common for ceilings, for example, because it hides the most imperfections. Semigloss paint is most common for trim, because it wipes down so easily.

When choosing your paint finish, consider how glossy you like your paint to be, and what type of coverage you’re looking for.

Flat: hides the most imperfections, but shows more wear than glossier paints. It’s the easiest to touch up, however, without telltale touch-up lines.

Eggshell: has a bit more sheen than flat paint, making it more wipeable, but still looks matte on the wall.

Satin: has a noticeable sheen, but still isn’t considered “glossy.” Satin is the lowest sheen that will still work well in humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Semigloss: the most common choice for bathrooms, kitchens and trim because it’s easy to wipe down. Semigloss is very durable, but touch-ups are often more noticeable.

Gloss or high-gloss: has the shiniest, lacquer-like effect. Imperfections can be very obvious under glossy paint, and it is difficult to touch up, but gloss is very durable.

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