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Interior Services

Knoxville Interior Painter

You’re probably especially concerned when it comes to having the inside of your home or office painted. Splatters are one thing. Noisy workers are another.

We’re extra sensitive to these concerns.

Hiring McLain’s Painting means extra precautions will be taken to protect your property. Paint is applied only to the prepared surfaces, not to the floors, furnishings or pets. There will be no loud music, disruptive talking, nor will the jobsite be messy or unnecessarily untidy. A professional staff of painters will properly prepare surfaces first, cover and protect the areas not being painted, thoroughly clean up each day and apply paint according to the best industry standards.

Rainy days make exterior jobs impossible.  When booking you job, ask to be added to our Rainy Day List.  With this list, your job will be scheduled as any other job but, in the case of rain, you will be notified 24 hours in advance if our crews can come for the day.  We guarantee to complete and clean up an area in case the job is not finished that day and we will pick up where we started when we return on your scheduled start date.

Interior Services include: