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Decorating No No’s

We are always serious about assisting with your choice of colors, should you ask.  We have experts who can help give sound advice when it comes to color decorating.  On the other hand, there are some decorating mistakes that can override even the best paint job.  HGTV covered these mistakes recently and it has been posted on a fine site for your perusal. 

Some of the problems in decorating include:

Too many colors or patterns in a room

‘Floating’ area rugs

Improper lighting

Artwork hung too high 

Tacky couch covers

Up-against-the-wall furniture arrangements (make cosy seating arrangements)

Ignoring window treatments

Fear of color

Knick-knack overload 

Too many pillows on sleeping or sitting surfaces


You can visit the site here:  

Paint It Forward 2022

Paint It Forward was started to help give back to our community & those who are deserving with a little helping hand.

We contribute services & materials up to $5000 in painting that will help improve or just freshen up a deserving recipient.

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