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What are the best wall colors for the winter time?

Taryn Williford does a bit of homework on great wall paint colors to take you through the winter of 2016.

She says: Paint colors are like nail polish to me. Some people stick to a few tried and true, goes-with-everything signature colors, while others prefer to switch it up with the changing trends and seasons. If by any chance you’re one of the latter (when it comes to paint, not nails), we’ve hunted down some of the best of-the-moment shades for your walls.

I meant to use “coolest” in the slang sense of the word, of course, but it just so happens that all of these shades fall onto the cool side of the color spectrum, too. They’re good at making rooms feel grand and open–a great goal for small, urban spaces in general.

Read all about it!  Here is the link: