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How to pick a whole-house paint palette

Do you prefer to carry a paint color throughout your home? Or do you adventurously choose a different paint color for each room of your house? Or … are you looking for a happy medium?

Using the same paint throughout your home can feel staid or boring, but using different paint colors in every room can make your home feel disjointed or chaotic. The best way to find the best of both worlds – a cohesive theme with just enough variety to stay exciting – can be to decide on a whole-house paint palette.

Choosing a handful of related colors to use throughout your home can lend you variety and keep your rooms feeling cohesive, especially important as open floor plans in homes become more popular. In one room, your wall color might be a neutral with pops of blues and greens in accessory. I another room, shades of those blue accessories might show up on the wall, against neutral furniture.

The goal is for your home’s palette to go together but not be matchy-matchy. Using a handful of colors and revolving them among walls and accessories, then adding in new textures and materials from room to room can give each space its own flavor but keep your house feeling like one home.

Our professional Color Consultants can help you decide on a whole-house paint palette, whether you prefer jewel tones, neutrals or pleasant pastels. Contact McLain’s Painting today!

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