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Artist Inspiration: Ansel Adams

Looking for an inexpensive, easy way to add a pop of artistic expression to your home? Try looking at the world through a new lens – a camera lens.

Photographs are a simple, inexpensive way to work art into your home if you aren’t afraid to step behind the camera and find beauty in the world around you. Photography trends this year tend toward unusual angles and perspectives and casual shots, as more and more people are using cell phones as cameras and utilizing programs like Instagram to capture images from their daily lives.

And any of those photos can move from your phone screen to a frame on your wall!

Finding beauty in the world that surrounds us is one of the calling cards of famed photographer Ansel Adams, who once said, “I believe in beauty. I believe in stones and water, air and soil, people and their future and their fate.”

Adams is well known for his black-and-white photography that highlighted natural settings, particularly in the American West. His work is marked by careful consideration of composition and tonal balance and a crisp, sharp focus.

Photographs can be arranged as a large, single focal piece in your home or as part of a gallery wall of photographs, other art and mementos – another popular home trend this year.