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Artist Inspiration: Claude Monet

Claude Monet was a founder of impressionist painting. Impressionism is the practice of expressing one’s perceptions before nature and often is slightly abstract or blurry. Impressionist paintings often focus on movement and light. Monet painted with different media, but some of his most well known paintings are watercolors.

Monet was fond of painting controlled nature at his own gardens in Giverny, with its water lilies, pond and bridge. He even wrote daily instructions to his gardener, precise designs and layouts for plantings, and invoices for his floral purchases and his collection of botany books.

Monet died in 1926.

Watercolor walls are a growing trend in home design.

Watercolor walls, wallpaper and even some batik designs are unique wall painting options, options that can help you individualize your space, like a mural might. Unlike a mural, watercolor designs can be more about movement, light and flow than particular images.


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