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Get a “pop” by painting your front door

Looking for a quick pick-me-up at your house? Want to boost your curb appeal?

Try painting (or repainting) your front door. A painted front door could be the ticket to improving your home’s classic architecture, generating a pop of bright color or livening up a neutral exterior. Color choices range from classic to quirky.

When you’re picking a color, consider the architectural style of your home, the color of your trim or shutters, and the neighborhood in which you live. Bright and bold or deep and dark shades have better curb appeal than middling shades. Keep in mind that contrast can be used to your advantage, but be mindful that your choice appears cheerful, not zany. When in doubt, try out paint samples before making the plunge.

Here are our Top 10 choices:


If you’re looking for a timely shade, go with Pantone’s color of the year: emerald, a radiant and lush green.


A classic front-door shade, shades of red can vary from cinnabar and brick to cherry and mauve. Wherever on the spectrum you land, red can be a powerful and exciting entrance color.


A surprising choice, indigo is dark and dramatic, but retains enough color to still be lively.

Lime Green

File this front door color under quirky and exciting. Lime green won’t work with some exterior colors or architectural styles, but it can be a fun color against gray or brown exteriors, and can rejuvenate a neutral façade.


The perennial classic, black front doors appear stately and elegant.


A yellow front door is a burst of cheer, with color options ranging from marigold to honey. Lighter yellows might work best with more exteriors – or for the faint of heart. Bright yellows can be surprising and energetic, but they’ll almost certainly put a smile on your face.


Spruce, a dark green, is a Southern classic, and pops against brick and white trim.


Go big or go home. Orange is a bold choice for a front door, and like lime, won’t work with some exteriors, trim or architecture. But orange can look fantastic against slate and dark gray. It certainly will garner attention.


Another classic choice, navy doors pop against white exteriors or trim. High-gloss navy paint can appear particularly stunning and elegant.


White is a popular door color among home-buyers, so if you’re looking to sell, this might be the way to go. White doors look great against brick exteriors and darker trim. However, keep in mind that white doors can be hard to keep clean over the long run.

Do you have a favorite front door paint color? Are you attracted to bright, bold colors or to more classic choices? If you’re looking for help with exterior painting, give McLain’s Painting Service a call.


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