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Have you done a personal home inspection?

Now’s the time to spend a few hours checking siding, gutters and the foundation of your home for signs or damage and wear.  Though it may take you a good part of a day, the time you spend will be worth it; neglecting even a small bit of damage can end up costing you a good bit of cash later on.

Do a perimeter search for loose siding.  Keep a sharp eye out for cracks, loose siding or missing boards. The frigid weather may have wrenched your wooden siding loose – the same goes for vinyl or aluminum siding.  Don’t let moisture get the chance to do more damage.

Inspect for roof rot or leaks. Soft or rotting wood in and around your roof means trouble, and needs to be dealt with quickly. Do you see stains on the siding? That’s a good indicator that the roof has water leaks.

Check flashing for wear or damage.  Search carefully around roof vents.  Inspect pipes and chimneys to see if the flashing has undergone wear and tear from the Tennessee storms we’ve endured. These recent high winds can tear off flashing and cause roof-damaging leaks.

Your home deserves your protection.  Do a thorough check, and make the necessary repairs – be proactive and you’ll be glad you did. Call us if you need any assistance in repair work – we’ll be happy to handle the workload!