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Have you considered the “fifth wall”?

Your room’s ceiling is an important part of the overall paint job, yet some people make the mistake of ignoring it.  It’s a tricky decision, so be careful.  Be selective on the type of white you use, if you are going with a white ceiling – it can either add a good contrast or be too powerful and take away from some of the rich tones on the walls you’ve just painted. 

However, if you want to change the ceiling’s hue and give it a color similar to the other four walls, remember that ceilings tend to look darker, so consider your choice based on the height of the room – if the room is less than nine feet tall, make it a few shades lighter than the rest of the walls.  If the ceiling is higher than nine feet, you can have a darker hue in order to “shorten the height” and give the room a more homey feel.

Paint It Forward 2022

Paint It Forward was started to help give back to our community & those who are deserving with a little helping hand.

We contribute services & materials up to $5000 in painting that will help improve or just freshen up a deserving recipient.

Start nominating now who you think would benefit the most!