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A word about other items…

Sometimes when I give advice to people about painting, I aim so zoned in on the paint and the procedure, I forget to mention some minor but important points.  Before I forget, let me give you a few extra pointers:

1. A deep tray is best whenever you are painting something.  You’ll have less hassle with constant refilling.  I would also recommend tray liners if you can get them.

2. Try to avoid bedsheets as a substitute for a good drop cloth.  It can’t absorb the paint drips well, and you run the risk of the paint bleeding through and damaging rugs or furniture.  Go with poly sheeting (but watch out for sliding or slipping on them) or go all out and get the reliable, trustworthy drop sheets. They’ll absorb the paint that is dripped on them.

3.  Keep a damp cloth nearby. When paint drips you want to get to it fast before it dries.

Paint It Forward 2022

Paint It Forward was started to help give back to our community & those who are deserving with a little helping hand.

We contribute services & materials up to $5000 in painting that will help improve or just freshen up a deserving recipient.

Start nominating now who you think would benefit the most!