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Homeowner association covenants and restrictions

It”s good to do a little extra homework before applying paint to the exterior of your home.  There may be homeowner association restrictions on the colors allowed to be used. Don’t make a costly mistake.

This rule can vary widely, though, so do a little checking.  One of my friends lived in Phoenix some years back, and the rules were different in virtually every subdivision.  One allowed a very limited choice of one of four colors, ranging from a light tan to a milky-cream white.  Yet only about ten miles away there were no two homes that had the same color – and the range was a riotous swing from fire engine red to kelly green to citrus orange.  I’m not kidding.

These “color covenants” might apply to newer subdivisions as well as older homes with historic value. Check with the leadership in your homeowners association about the types of color combinations allowed.

Some Knoxville areas have people  restoring  older homes, and you may be one of them.  If this is true, you might be in luck:   You could receive tax credits and other incentives if you stay with the home’s original color scheme and help  restore your home to its original hue … in some cases, I’ve read that it could be worth as much as 50% of the contract price for an exterior paint job!

Paint It Forward 2022

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