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Get your kids involved

kids-painting1No, I’m not talking about them grabbing a brush and painting your trim, but your children can have fun with a brush and a place to show off their creativity.

(I can’t help it – I love to “talk shop” and enjoy encouraging others to get into the joy of painting as well.)

Our painters need to be exact in their interior and exterior painting services for your home, but your little ones can enjoy the freedom of flat-out artistic mayhem!  Let me give you an idea on a little bit of extra fun the next time your kids are handling the tempura paints for an afternoon at the easel:

Try adding table salt to the paint. You’ll be delighted at how it will add texture and sparkle to their masterpiece when it dries.

Let’s go a bit further:  Add some flour with the salt to thicken it up, giving it a 3-D effect along with that sparkle.   Your paint will be thick, so use heavy paper and allow plenty of time for it to dry. Don;t forget… you’re more than welcome to join in on the fun!