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We don’t like zebras… er, their stripes

zebra1I’m as much an animal lover as the next guy, but I don’t have much care for zebra stripes…that is, when it comes to professional painting.  You may not be aware that this would be a concern, but it is to McLain’s.

Let me explain:  Zebra stripes occur when the top coat doesn’t cover the previous color surface completely and a striped appearance is evident. If the top coat doesn’t cover well or if a painter is not careful to roll enough, zebra stripes will show. The way you can prevent this (if you want only one coat painted) is to use the very same color on the walls presently. The other way to prevent (if more than one coat is used) it is to have a painter who rolls enough and is constantly monitoring the coverage.

We are always aware that our proper job is to leave absolutely no hint of zebra stripes.  No offense to the four-legged creatures, though.