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The basic principles of color

Hue, value, intensity and temperature are the four principles of color used by every painting professional. You can learn how to better select a color for your home when you can wisely combine these four ideas.

Today I’ll explain two of these terms of color:

  • Value – When you hear “light”, “medium” or “dark”, you’re talking about the value in a color (the words tint, shade and tone are interchanged with this term).  This refers to the lightness or darkness of a color and is determined by the amount of white, gray or black that is added to a pure color.
  • Intensity – You would think of intensity as bright in one extreme and or dull on the other end.  Intensity is the measurement of the brightness of a color.  You would commonly use low intensity hues for the home’s main colors and your accenting would be with higher intensity hues.
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