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Cleaning a surface that has already been painted.

Wash your painted surfaces carefully

We’d all like to believe that our freshly-painted walls and other surfaces are going to remain spotless for the next ten years, but the fact is that dust, grime, an occasional spill, and other factors are always a concern for us.  You’re aware that maintenance cleaning is a necessity to the life of your painted surfaces, but what’s the best choice is cleaning solutions?

May I suggest that when you are selecting a cleaner, you must be sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner. If you apply an abrasive cleaner, you can wreak all kinds of havoc on that nice surface, so please be careful with what you use. Another note:  when you’re cleaning a waterborne paint, be careful to avoid products that are ammoniated. The overall answer is simple, really: mild, soapy water will generally do the job just fine.  Play safe, though – always test the cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area to ensure that it does not damage the paint film.

Paint It Forward 2022

Paint It Forward was started to help give back to our community & those who are deserving with a little helping hand.

We contribute services & materials up to $5000 in painting that will help improve or just freshen up a deserving recipient.

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