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Nominations for McLain’s Painting  Annual Paint It Forward are now closed.  Our winner will be announced in May so keep checking back to see updates.  If you were not able to get your  nomination in this year, you will have another opportunity next year.  Good luck to those who have entered!

If you know someone in the greater Knoxville community whether it is a non-profit, individual or family, who could use help with $5000 worth of painting services, here is your opportunity to let us know about them.

Our Paint It Forward program was started to help give back to our community and those who are deserving with a little helping hand.


Who we are looking for:

  • A non-profit group that may not have funds themselves for improvements
  • Individuals or family’s that may be in need of help with upkeep of their homes
  • Individuals who may be incapacitated and could use some help around their home
  • Someone that may be an active and contribute to the community but could use help giving back to them

How our process works:

  • Nominations will begin February 1st on our website
  • Nominations will close April 14th. Those nominations will go to our Volunteer Committee to review
  • The top three nominations will go to the company for a final vote
  • The selected nominee will be contacted in May. The person(s) who nominated the winner will be contacted prior to this



For questions, contact us at