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Tips on Gloss

Let me take a minute here and explain how you can choose the best gloss for your home. The higher the paint’s gloss you select, the shinier its appearance is going to be when it dries. The upside of a high gloss is that it is easier wipe clean.
You can use this guide to help you:

  1. Flat paint—virtually no shine in the paint. Bedrooms are good for using a flat paint. If you wish to hide surface irregularities, go with this choice.
  2. Low-luster and satin paints – I would best describe this as “subtle” in the sheen department. This is good for family rooms.
  3. Semi-gloss paint—The next step up in shininess, but not overdone. Use this in kids’ rooms (you can give it a good scrub with confidence) and the bathroom.
  4. High-gloss paint—use this for trim.  It is quite shiny and easy to wipe up. I might also suggest doors and cabinets.
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