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What’s the most difficult part of painting?

You might be surprised at the answer.  You see, painting an interior room or exterior trim is the easy task compared to finding that one exact color you have always wanted. Looking at multiple swatches and design books can be daunting. Making the room’s colors flow and coordinate together are very important whether you are trying to sell your home or planning to stay for years to come.

McLain’s Painting is here to help with that burden. Our in-house color consultant has the color eye to help the home owner finalize on their color decision. Our color consultant has helped many McLain’s Painting clients choose just the right color that will go well with furniture, flooring and window treatments. The end result is great, making what seems to be an impossible decision an enjoyable conclusion.

Paint It Forward 2022

Paint It Forward was started to help give back to our community & those who are deserving with a little helping hand.

We contribute services & materials up to $5000 in painting that will help improve or just freshen up a deserving recipient.

Start nominating now who you think would benefit the most!